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Choose your bricks with your heart and head.

There are so many things that our heart wants to do, but only so much that our head can focus on. With the stimulus and the inspiration that we can find all around us, it is easy to get distracted and try to do it all.

I am a strong believer that we should try out as many possibilities as possible. Afterall if you have not tried it, how do you know its outcome?

I see life as a buffet, and as long as its vegetarian, I try everything first. After trying it all, I then decide what to go all out on. Even then its never only one item, but a mixture of different items that complement each other.

Its at this stage between the initial trial and choosing what to take more of that the head is required the most. Its absolutely terrible when one takes items that clash with each other.

Just going with the tongue without using your head is never a good idea.

Similarly, it’s a good idea to constantly be trying new things at the taster level. More important than only trying it is to try it in a scientific and structured manner, so that you can record it, compare it and learn from it.

The key is at the stage between the trial, and choosing what strategy or tactics you want to continue with or stop completely. This is when the head is required.

Tricky area becomes when your heart wants to do it, but your head does not. Also as difficult is when your head wants you to do it, but your heart does not.

The great thing about simplicity is that they make smart things much easier to understand, but they also highlight the biggest differences immediately.

So, another 2 x 2 matrix, this time with the axis being heart and head. Having checked on google, I am quite surprised that I could not find an 2 by 2 matrix with the heart on one axis and the head on the other.

Quite simply if your heart wants to do it and your head does not, it’s a great passion project to look into until you can see why your head would want to do it.

If your head wants to do it and your heart does not, its probably a good idea, but one that you are not passionate about. If you must, you must, but today, without being all in with your passion and energy, would you able to survive against competion who is in it 150%?

Its quite needless to say that does not make sence doing anything that your head or heart is not into, chances are it does not even make it to the matrix.

The golden area is where your head and heart is into something. Now here it is best to check it with the real world weather it would be sustainable as an activity. Its also curcial to check it with your own North Star weather, and test weather you would able to follow up on it for a longer period of time to take it out of the ideation and into the reality.

But if you have found this one thing that your head and heart are both into, you have definatly found something that you should go all into.

But here is where the tricky part starts… what if there are multiple things where your heart and head is all into. I am having this same luxury with LIFARE, VCPEX, Dazuld, Small World, Legoprenuer, as well as Roche Craft. There is no way that I can give 100% to all of

these projects.

I guess the money aspect, social aspect, as well as the longer term creation all have an role to play in your final decision.

But here is where I look for the combination of the various projects, and choose those which compliment each other. They don’t need to be exactly the same sorts of projects, after all it’s the very bitter coffee that goes the best with the super sweet baklavas. However they do need to add to each other in one way or another.

When building a Lego building free style, there are so many bricks that we can choose from.

Not all of them need to be the same to build a great building. Actually the nicer ones are those where there is a good mix of various pieces. This makes it exciting and interesting.

The same way I find it impossible to choose to build our entire life with only one single minded focus. It needs to be mixed with our personalities and various interests.

Putting wings on a building or wheels on a rocket would not make much sence. Sure as a kid I must hae made some pretty crazy stuff with Lego. However its not a luxury we have any more.

With time being the most scare resource that any business has, it would be a pity to use it on those aspects where our heart and head are not into it.

In the same way Aristotle said “Educating the mind without education the heart is no education at all,” is it also true building businesses with the heart and not with the mind makes it no business at all?

The idea when creating your business is probably not to have something mediocre. If you have the drive and the perseverance the single aspect that’s motivating you is probably to create something world class. Now knowing that there will be others all the time trying to take away from your creation, your customers, suppliers, and team members, if you are not 100% in sync with your business and its requirements, how will you survive?

If your head and your heart is not into what you are doing, will you able to do create it.

Without your heart and head, there is no sustainable business at all.

If your heart and head is in too many things, be sustainable, choose those businesses that complement each other the best.